Group/Centre activities

Disability Activities Brisbane

Advance Support Services offers outstanding disability services in Brisbane in the form of various programs for people who are living with a disability that requires additional care and support. The group activities we offer include a myriad of social settings to encourage those with any type of disability to learn and develop new skills, meet new people and remain connected with the community.

Moreover, when it comes to disability services in Brisbane, you can trust us for the best care. We arrange disability activities in such a way that they appeal directly to the participant’s interest. Our activities include everything starting from a broad range of physical workouts, such as gym, dance and martial arts, to arts and crafts classes, day and night outings and grocery shopping, all of which are specifically designed for people with a disability.

Our clients with disabilities also get a perfect amalgamation of premium quality disability activities in Brisbane which can provide a psychological boost. Some of our initiatives include quick shuffle, mute line-up, up to the challenge, Pictionary, wizz bang, ice-breaker question exchange, five handshakes in five minutes, psychic handshake and so on.

Advance Support Services has organised group chores for people with a disability in a comprehensive way, ensuring all of them are scientifically proven to enhance the overall wellbeing of those who are suffering from any disability.

The professionals at Advance Support Services ensure that clients suffering from a disability receive the best of everything. Our main objective lies in encouraging and inspiring our clients to lead a normal, fulfilling life. We strive to provide those suffering from disability enough scope that they feel motivated and encouraged to include themselves into such group activities and mingle with others.

All classes provided at Advance Support Services are related to the group/centre activities for people with a disability and can be easily accessed through an NDIS package. So, it’s easy to opt for one!

There is also a wide array of customised individual supports from our end that you can get access to through NDIS. You can trust our experienced and reliable staff to provide the best of everything for people suffering from a disability. If any of your beloved family or friends are suffering from a disability, you can contact us. We know they mean a lot to you and thus, Advance Support Services will leave no stone unturned to provide them with an upgraded ambience of normalcy and care to live a fulfilling and active life despite their disability.

Once you leave your loved ones under our disability services special programs, you won’t look back. We cater for each and every requirement of the disabled. So, if you are looking for the best disability activities in Brisbane, you can trust us to provide the best.