Mission, Values & Goals

We Care and Empower…

Our Mission
Advance Support Service is an organization committed to giving the best possible service to people living with health and disability needs, and those who require extra care. We strive to inspire and empower.

Our Values
We believe in providing the highest quality, personally tailored care to clients and families. We believe that care should be collaborative and we work with individuals and their families to provide the right support and services for our clients and seek the best outcomes possible.

Our Goals
Our goal is to deliver the highest quality services and support to families and individuals. Our aim is to provide assistance to families who are caring for adults and children with complex disabilities and health needs, that require very tailored care. Our team exclusively specialises in meeting these complex needs, we have decades of experience in this field to draw upon. Our experienced and dedicated team are passionate about providing the highest quality care so that you and your loved ones live the best life possible.